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Ashley Goldstraw

Forest Analyst and Application Manager

Ashley brings a unique blend of 15 years of resource modelling and 5 years of information technology industry experience to the mix. Ash specialises in desktop and web app development, Android and Windows app development

Elspeth Baalman

Forest Biometrician

A specialist mensurationist and biometrician, Els has 24 year's experience in timber resource modelling including inventory training, certification, practices and policy, biometric model development and review, log grade analysis and industry benchmarking.

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Built for every user

FIRS - Forest Inventory Reporting System

"Scalable, accessible and customisable"

FIRS is a web deployed software application for forest inventory design, capture and analysis.  FIRS has been developed with a broad range of users in mind, big or small.  With a pay-as-you-go pricing approach and intuitive online training options FIRS has been built for the budget conscious.

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FirsDC - FIRS data capture app

"Minimise the clicks, maximise the intuition"

FirsDC is the companion app to FIRS built for modern touchscreen slate phones, phablets or tablets.  Download today from the Android Play Store.

Download FirsDC from Google Play